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Jennifer Lawrence Nude in The Fappening

The Fappening leaks took many people by surprise — most of the celebrities caught inside this controversy admitted having been violated in the first wave of leaks. One of the best was the Jennifer Lawrence nudes. Her photos (AND sex tapes!) were leaked in the mass of nude celebrity photos and videos that hit 4chan and Reddit in late 2014. Fappening is a slang term for masturbation and the play on the apocalyptic movie, The Happening. This wave of violation […]

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Nude Celeb iCloud Hack: Feds Arrest Man in Chicago and Sieze His Computers

There is this developing story in Chicago in which a man was arrested by the FBI. The agents raided the houses as part of a long investigation that began when nude photos of famous celebs in the United States were published online last year in August 2014. The celebs whose nude photos had been released include; Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick, Christina Hendricks and Kate Upton. The man who was arrested was later recognized as Emilio Herrera. The FBI seized some […]

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The No Delete Art Show – Kate Upton Yet To Suffer Another Major Blow Months After The Fappening

Infuriated and shaken, Kate Upton finally reached out to the anonymous hacker who claimed responsibility for leaking Kate Upton’s nude photos together with those of other stars. Upon confirming that the photos doing rounds on the internet are actually hers, Kate now joins Jennifer Lawrence and a group of stars who were affected by the actions of the hacker to what is now being termed as the biggest celebrity hack in the United States’ history. According to Kate Upton’s attorney, […]

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Farrah Abraham Sex Tape – The Full Video & 5 Hardcore GIFs

According to recent reports, US reality Star, Musician and Author Farah Abraham is the latest celebrity to feel overwhelmed because of a decision to feature in a sex tape. The Teen Mom reality TV star, became a meteoric X-rated sensation after Farrah Superstar; the sex tape was released, but now she openly admits that she would not have made the decision to feature in the video if she knew the repercussions.  Here are 5 NSFW GIF images of Farrah in […]

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Amber Rose vs Kim Kardashian Instagram, Twitter Beef

After the recent twitter beef between Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian, it is clear that the two are not ready forgive one another after the dramatic attacks that the two had about each other on the twitter several weeks ago.   Who is Amber Rose? Amber Rose (who is 31) is the former ex of American rapper Kanye West who is now married to Wiz Khalifa, another American rapper. On the recent past, she had complained that his former husband, […]

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A Massive Breach of Private Nude Photos

The Fappening

Between Augusts 31, 2014 and early September, an unusual event occurred. Almost 500 private pictures of celebrities, mostly women, were exposed. Most of the pictures included nudity that has never been seen before! The pictures were posted on the imageboard, 4chan and the later found their way to other social networks and websites such as Reddit, Imgur, and Tumblr. It is believed that the pics were obtained through a breach of iCloud. The event was not just a breach of […]

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