Karissa Shannon & Sam Jones Sex Tape

Karissa Shannon

Of course, one of Hugh Hefner’s blondie twins was going to make a sex tape eventually! The Girls Next door star Karissa Shannon made a raunchy and hot video with her boyfriend Sam Jones after the reality show ended. Watch the Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Tape Details The video was a big hit for a time, but still didn’t surpass Kim Kardashian’s recorded adventure with Ray J. We wonder how Hugh feels about his ex-gf now… he must be pissed […]

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Mindy McCready

We wish we could say we were shocked by the revelation that country singer Mindy McCready has a sex tape, but honestly at this point it seems like what would be more shocking is that if she didn’t! I mean can’t these celebrities just eff with a camera off?  Shit’s ridiculous.  Anyway not that I’m complaining, this tape is definitely a keeper.  Vivid picked up the rights to it after she concluded it was a losing battle and it’s a […]

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Karrine Steffans (Superhead)

Karrine Steffans, also known as “Superhead” and the hip hop world’s most notorious groupie was all over the news for her erotic sex tape that was leaked! Was it really leaked though or did she just want a paycheck for making an amateur film?! There are a lot of women trying to get to stardom this sneaky and naughty way. Scroll down for video. Details on the Superhead Sex Tape: Karrine has the time of her life in her sex tape […]

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Jessica Sierra

Not sure who Jessica Sierra is? Well, she was the 10th finalist for American Idol’s fourth season. The singer grew some popularity at the time of the show, but then she kind of disappeared until the sex tape news reached the media.   Watch the Jessica Sierra Sex Tape Details About The Tape: In 2007 after she had a run-in with the law and resisted arrest, Sierra had another problem deal with. Someone was threatening to release a sex tape […]

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Shauna Sand

Who Is Shauna? Well, if you’re a millennial and you remember watching TV after school — you may remember Renegade, on USA.  Looking back, that shit was ridiculous, and pretty boy Lorenzo Lamas was the long-haired badass “with some Chuck Norris sprinkled on top”.  Guess who his wife was? Shauna Sand. Proof: Does this guy ring a bell? Well, he married a real classy broad… and that brings us to the Shauna Sand sex tape. Playboy playmate Shauna Sand has […]

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