The Best Celebrity Sex Tapes of All Time

If there is anything that usually goes viral online within a few minutes, it is celebrity sex tapes. These tapes are popular among the contemporary audience such that some celebrities become more popular after their tapes are out. If you think that this is immoral or out of order then you are yet to discover people’s behaviors and what intrigues them most. Before we go deep into the various tapes that are available online.

One of the first sex tapes to really hit the mainstream media was Pam Anderson and Tommy back in the early 90s.  These two were not shy in the least bit.  We're talking full on hardcore sex; Pam's pussy is to die for!  The next big name to follow in Pam's footsteps was Paris Hilton.  Her last name makes her famous and well-known, but darn she is a bimbo!  Her tape, titled One Night In Paris was a huge hit in the mid 2000s.  People loved watching Paris suck dick, and her famous blowjob scene is plastered all over the internet (here too!).  Kim Kardashian had a similar story – a recognizable last name, and a desire to be famous (for fucking?).  She sought her beau Ray J out, and worked his monster dong like we all figured she could.  Vivid quickly snatched that baby up, and Kim's name quickly hit the mainstream.  She now has her own TV show, clothing line, and all kinds of drama in the paparazzi world.

1 Night In Paris

1 Night In Paris

Kim K Superstar
Kim K Superstar

Montana Exposed
Montana Exposed


Here are a few tapes that you have probably heard of:

Kim Kardashian & Ray J

Kim Kardashian porno

This is one of the most explicit private tapes. It is also one of the most expensive of our time. The sex tape involves two celebrities one a socialite Kim Kardashian and Ray Jay a musician. The tape is captured in a hotel where the couple are getting down and dirty. The tape was created in 2007 while the two were an item. Kim Kardashian rocked to fame after the sex tape while it did little to the rappers career. It is the most sought after tape in the world with one of the celebrity media houses buying rights over the video.

Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon

Paris Hilton leaked porn

In 2004, Paris Hilton and her then boyfriend Rick Salomon made themselves rich and famous by recoding their sexual episode. The previously little known socialite got to fame after the release of her tape. The daughter of millionaire became an instant celebrity as a singer, heiress, and model. She is currently a DJ. It is the second most valued sex tape after Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Pam Anderson porn

Pam as celebrity magazines popularly call her was a sex idol prior to the release of her tape with her then husband Tommy Lee. The release of her tape brought to the public was a subject of debate and interest across the globe. The couple alleged that the tape was stolen from their house and uploaded on the internet before going viral. Pam sued the video distributing company before opting for a private settlement. The video is currently only available on private subscription to some sites.

Farrah Abraham and James Deen

Farrah Abraham porn

Reality queen Farrah Abraham was recorded having sex with Deen. The footage of the sex tape was said to have been repackaged years later after its leak and features into a new film called Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. Farrah had however featured in a porn movie titled backdoor teen mom with James Deen.

Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain

Collin Farrell sex tape

Nobody was surprised when Colin released a sex tape. He always looked like the guy who would pull such stunts. However, the irony of the story is that he ended up suing his 2003 co-start and playboy model Nicole Narain for releasing their video for money. The case ended with the couple settling their issue out of court.

Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith

Mimi Faust sex tape

The most recent scandal involved love and hip hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust. The start is pictured in a tape with her on and off boyfriend Nikko Smith having sex. The hardcore videowas shot in 2014 and released the same year. The footage was discovered by the head of Vivid Entertainment Steve Hirsch by what is described as coincidence. He then offered the couple a huge sum to sell the tape to him.

Sex tapes make or break celebrities. It is the easy way to be known and also the easy way to wreck a career.

What are celebrity sex tapes?

There is always a lot of buzz around celebrities. Most of the celebrities sell because they are sexy or their represent the ideal human form. They are appealing to look at. Anyway, sex itself sells. So when you have a celebrity in a sexual situation then you should expect more attention on the particular content. Before I veer off the topic I will define what they are:

They are defined to be an amateur pornographic video recording involving a celebrity or two celebrities. The fact is that the more the celebrities and the obscene the recoding the more juicy it is. A private tape is usually intentionally or accidentally brought out in the public domain. The higher profile the celebrity the more interest it pulls. These tapes are usually leaked or tagged leaked. It is normal for people to make sex tapes and record whatever they do in private. However, when the issues that should be done privately are brought out to the public then more interest is drawn. If a celebrity is involved then the even more interest is drawn.  See our full collection of celebrity porn videos here.


Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Why Do People Like Them?

People have always been drawn to the private lives of celebrities. Celebrities are perceived to be demi-gods or icons whose fans look up to and would love to know more about them. They always pull interest. This makes every aspect of their lives of public interest. When it comes to the very private matters such as having sex or being nude, then more buzz and interest follows.

People like these tapes because they have a chance to see their fantasies happen and that is for those people who see celebrities as their idols. Most of the celebrities in the current time and age put in a lot of effort to look sexy and be the epitome of every fan’s sexual desires. This product sells by creating anticipation and not selling the actual product. It is like wearing a bikini and having the people looking at you but only imagine how you would look completely nude. When people have a chance to see the actual product, which is the celebrities’ sexiness in real then the anticipation is satisfied.

The other reason why people like to watch celebs is that people just love focusing on other people business. Celebrities make a good target. They are always in our lives and in our homes, that is why they are household names. The drive to know more about other people pulls us towards the common characters who are the celebrities. Having their sex tapes in public makes the viewer’s feel that they know them deeper.