Paris Hilton Sex Tape
1 Night in Paris

Paris Hilton is the sex tape queen.  She is in the ultra rich category of society, but that alone wasn't good enough for her.  Instead, she decided to use to modeling good looks and tiny pea brain to release her sex tape, 1 night in Paris, only days before the series premiere of her new reality show The Simple Life. Paris Hilton NSFW sucking cock

The video features Paris in night vision and regular vision camera in the bathroom being playful and getting ready, walking around in her little bits, giving some very impressive blow jobs, and taking that cock like a champ.  That cock, by the way, is the cock of Rick Salomon.

Rick, the former exec at Warner Bros, also dated Pamela Anderson – the original sex tape queen, before going on the smaller, tighter, and blonder times with Paris in 2003.

Paris Hilton sextape

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

1 Night in Paris (FULL VIDEO)

Watch the full Paris Hilton porn video here — everyone needs to have a good wank to this tape once in their lives!

Paris Hilton Blowjob

Rick Salomon Fucking Paris Hilton

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