Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta

Mimi Faust Sex Tape

Now released! Although they didn’t come to Vivid Entertainment to sell their sex tape, they signed off on it, and we know why they chose us. Nikko London and Mimi Faust’s sex tape has been getting more popular as they days progress, and the couple isn’t upset with the decision to release it.

After Hollywoodlife.com spoke to Vivid, they learned why the couple released the tape, and really didn’t have much of a choice in the matter!

The Scandal in Atlanta sex tape is set to debut; and, it seems to already be a major money-maker for the couple. It was finally released who the third party was, and the fact that the tape was stolen from the couple’s possession. From there, Steve decided to reach out to Mimi, and she obliged by agreeing to release the tape to him, and to the rest of the world with their deal.

Sex Tape Update

Mimi & Nikko released their sex tape, and fans every can not believe it!



Screencaptures from Scandal in Atlanta

Mimi & Nikko Sex Tape


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