Amy Fisher
Caught on Tape!

You may or may not remember Amy Fisher from back in the day.  The year was 1992, and Joey Buttafuoco was all over the media.

The pair met in his auto repair shop… pretty ridiculous. Joey must have really taught her how to work the dick, judging from her performance in Amy Fisher Caught on Tape!   As soon as the story hit the media, everyone knew who Amy Fisher was.

Amy Fisher sex tape

Amy Fisher's Leaked Sex Tape

Watch her famous video here:

Fisher's First Porn Video

If sexy cougars really tingle the end of your dick, this sex tape is right up your alley.  Amy is completely naked (obviously), and is willing to suck dick and get fucked in pretty much every position.

This is a high quality tape we'd say.  No twenty second clips… it's like a full featured porn video.

Amy Fisher pussy in leaked porn video

The whole scandal really got heated when Amy Fisher, 16 at the time, confronted Joey's then wife Mary Jo.  Shit really hit the fan when Fisher attempted to murder Mary Jo, and was duly sentenced to 5-15 years in prison.

The man featured in this sex tape is Lou Bellera – her now ex-husband.  The homemade porno was sold to Red Light District for an unknown amount, and was quickly picked up by the media.  Amy must be a nympho, because she's currently stripping and planning future adult film releases.  At least she knows what she likes?!

Amy Fisher nude blowjob
Amy can deep throat with the best of them!
Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Amy Fisher Sexy Photos

Amy Fisher

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