Leighton Meester
Leaked Porn Video & Nude Pics

A few years ago, a scandal hit the web with Leighton Meester at it's center. The infamous sex tape.

According to several sources online, including entertainment company TMZ, Meester fought tooth and nail to have it removed from the internet forever, but we all know that's nearly impossible to do these days. Once something has been published to the web, it will always be there.

Leighton Meester sex tape scandal

Leighton Meester Leaked Porn Video

Leighton Meester porn video
Photo From The Hot Tape!

The story goes that someone in her past (probably an ex lover) released the tape for an undisclosed amount of money. According to TMZ, a company called “celebshotline” saw the footage and claimed that it was authentic. They were currently in the process of buying it, but the deal fell through. Leighton's lawyers probably stopped the video from coming out and who knows, maybe sued her ex over it.

Leighton Meester porno tape

Of course, eventually someone hacked the footage and leaked it to the very unforgiving Internet which then blasted the images of the tape all over the news. It made huge deadlines and went completely viral. Leighton's relentless fans couldn't get enough!

Watch the video!

According to an interview in Harper Bazaar magazine, Leighton confronted the tape rumors and of course said it wasn't her.

“So it makes me sort of sad. It's unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did. I definitely understand the nature of people better now and the mere allegation of something like that could be headline news. People think it's real because somebody says it is.”

In the video in question, the gorgeous Gossip Girl star shows off everything – her pink pussy, nipples and incredibly ass. She totally gets wild, interestingly enough she even goes as far as giving a “footjob” to the fit man on the camera. Who knew the classy looking beauty could have a freaky side.

Legs spread & ready for action
Legs spread & ready for action

Anyway, if a true brunette beauty blows your socks off, Leighton just might be the woman for you. She's definitely rocking one seriously nice ass!

How Did Leighton Meester Become Famous?

Leighton Meester Looking Gorgeous!
Leighton Meester Looking Gorgeous!

She grew up with a semi-rough background in New York City, but was able to escape that future by pursuing her acting and modeling career.

Leighton said she liked modeling but she wasn't passionate about it. Then she tried to dab into the singing world. Unfortunately, that didn't turn out that well for her, but she eventually set her eyes on becoming an actress.

She had roles in Law and Order, 7th Heaven, Entourage, and of course Gossip Girl.

She really found her stardom on Gossip Girl where she co-stars with blonde bombshell Blake Lively. She instantly became famous when people first saw her on the show because of her nicely shaped body, her character's feisty personality and her dramatic relationship with the character “Chuck Bass”.

Leighton Meester: Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here. Leighton Meester Gossip Girls GIF

Leighton Meester As Blair Waldorf In Gossip Girl GIF
Leighton Meester As Blair Waldorf In Gossip Girl

The series shows a lot of sexual scenes that really made people fall in love with it, especially when they get to see Meester – at least we can see her semi-naked!

Leighton Meester After the Sex Scandal

Leighton Meester With Her Husban Adam Brody
Leighton Meester And Her Husband Adam Brody

Leighton pretty much ignores the allegations to this day. She is busy being a wife to Adam Brody and a mother to their daughter, Arlo. They are definitely one of Hollywood's sweetest couples, but they keep their life private at the same time. Although Adam did boast about his lovely wife as being the “best” in an interview this month.

Leighton is about to start working again. She just got the female lead for a new series on Fox called “Making History“. Adam Pally will be her lead male co-star. The production is a comedy about time travel and complicating the character's lives in 2016.

Producers hope that Meester's following from Gossip Girl will bring attention to the show.

Leighton Meester Bikini Photos Exposed

Leighton Meester at the Beach in Rio de Janeiro
Leighton Meester at the Beach in Rio de Janeiro
Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Leighton Meester & Blake Lively – Rolling Stone Magazine

Leighton & Blake On Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine
Leighton & Blake On Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine

Did you know there are Blake Lively nudes that were leaked in The Fappening??

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