Jennifer Lawrence Nude in The Fappening

The Fappening leaks took many people by surprise — most of the celebrities caught inside this controversy admitted having been violated in the first wave of leaks. One of the best was the Jennifer Lawrence nudes. Her photos (AND sex tapes!) were leaked in the mass of nude celebrity photos and videos that hit 4chan and Reddit in late 2014.

Fappening is a slang term for masturbation and the play on the apocalyptic movie, The Happening.

Jennifer Lawrence nude hack
Hacked photos from Jennifer Lawrence (more below)

This wave of violation and intrusion of personal lives of the targeted celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence raise key question and concerns of online security and the violation of their rights.

The targeted celebrities and personalities were not given a break after the first release of the nude photos, more photos of the celebrities were released with Jennifer Lawrence!!

Jennifer Lawrence, an award-winning actress, best known for her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. The gorgeous and popular actress, came into limelight in 2010, after she played a role in Winter's Bone — her performance won her an academy award.

Jennifer Lawrence Nudes

Jennifer was completely taken off guard by the ordeal. She admitted during an interview with Vanity Fair, which she graced the front cover. She admitted being afraid since she did not know what to do, and if the ordeal would affect her career. The Hunger Games star, told Vanity Fair,

“it is a sex crime, it is not a scandal” she defended herself saying “it is sexual violations and it is disgusting”.

Her profile has grown to be the youngest contestant to be nominated for two academy awards.

Jennifer was among hundreds of celebrities whose iClouds accounts were hacked and their sensitive private photos distributed on the Internet. FBI has since moved in to conduct investigations ended up arresting one man.

Emilio Herrera who is alleged to have hacked more than 500 iCloud accounts and emails of popular celebrities, using his IP address. This was done between May — August 2014, after the arrest hard drives and computers were confiscated.

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Jennifer Lawrence Response to The Fappening Hack

The giant hack of the celebrities personal and private moments shocked the Internet. This has been worse since a wave of three other damaging releases has since been released Out of all the culprits, including Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson and Winona Ryder among MANY others, it is only a handful of celebrities who have had the courage to look at the camera lens to talk about TheFappening.

Jennifer Lawrence angry mouth
Angry Jlaw

Jennifer has been categorical of legal cause of action for all those involved in what she calls “flagrant violation of privacy” Jennifer was completely overwhelmed by the happening, she admitted having taken a pen to write severally, to express her outrage.

She said everything she was about to write, made her cry uncontrollably. She shared her traumatizing experience saying, she had set to issue an apology, but she had nothing to apologize for or anyone to apologize to.

She was very categorical that she never deserved that, which faced her since she is a celebrity. Jennifer Lawrence plea is to her fans, not to see and regard the incident as the next celebrity scandal but rather an outright disgusting violation of her right.

She affirms the law needs to change as well as the perpetrators to change. The firm, candid but emotional Jennifer during the same interview, expressed her right and choice to do anything with her body, claiming the right has no opportunity. She revealed some of the photos were taken when she was in a 4-year stable relationship.

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