Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape
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A month doesn't go by without hearing about Lindsay Lohan in the news.  She is either driving drunk, doing drugs, stealing diamonds from jewellery stores, in court, or getting herself out of jail!

Ever since seeing Linsday flaunt her ginger titties in the movie Mean Girls, I can't get enough of her.  Anyway, to the point:  the Lindsay Lohan sex tape.  Looks like there were some videos shopped around to the usual buyers for hefty prices and someone picked them up.

There are a couple of videos available showing what looks to be like Miss Lohan performing various sexual acts on past love interests.  If you've ever fantasized about Lindsay then these are the videos and pictures you want to see.

Lindsay has never been shy…

The video is a few years old now, and happened back when Nokia flip phones were the norm.  Can you imagine what this tape would look like on a new smart phone?! It's a good thing Lindsay LOVES TO PARTY, so maybe after some cocaine and whiskey we'll get another great tape!

Lindsay Lohan Leaked Sex Tape


Lindsay Lohan tits

The Evolution of Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan sexy photo

Lindsay was once known for her wholesome look – she was a cute girl-next-door.  Then drugs and partying happened.  From this photo evolution, we will take you on the journey of Lindsay's face.  Word on the street: Lindsay is now clean and sober (hopefully), and maybe she will reverse some of her fortunes (her tits are looking better at least, thank you modern medicine!)

In 2002, only 16 years old!
2004 – coming into her prime!
Uh oh, fame is going to her head! 2005.
Looking a bit mischievous… Freshman parties? 2006.
Oh yeah, definitely partying. 2007.
It's starting to take it's toll! 2008.
Uh oh, puffy lips won't save you Lindsay! 2009.
There's no going back now. 2009.
Starting to look a bit like a street hooker… 2009.
No words. 2010.
Definitely been to rehab, trying to stay in-bounds. 2011.
All of those party years are showing. 2012.
Cocaine. 2013.
Definitely been through some shit, there is wisdom in those eyes. 2014.
Lindsay Lohan attending the Elle Style Awards 2015 at The Sky Garden on February 24, 2015 in London./picture alliance Photo by: Lexie Appleby/Geisler-Fotopress/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images
Lindsay Lohan attending the Elle Style Awards. 2015.
Lindsay Lohan Instagram selfie… getting better! 2016.
Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Lindsay Lohan Nudes


Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan Marilyn Monroe NEW YORK

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