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Kendra Wilkinson

You’re probably familiar with Kendra Wilkinson after her stint as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend, her Playboy appearances, the reality televsion show documenting her relationship with Hef (along with Holly and Bridget).  All of the attention on the E! channel made her celebrity really explode.  Her obnoxious dumb blond personality really sealed the show, and we’re not surprised she has a sex tape now!


After Hefner peaced out on the relationship, Kendra married NFL football man Hank Baskett. The two still make the tabloids with their shenanigans. They are always on and off. There has also been some crazy infidelity going on.


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Details About The Tape

Unfortunately for Kendra, her new marriage to Baskett was interrupted with the leak of a sex tape from a former boyfriend.  The tape was released in May of 2010, and quickly sold to Vivid.  She is a horn dog as you’ll see in her sex video… the guy she’s fucking is quite a lucky man.  He looks like he may be missing his eyebrows, but hell, he’s fucking Kendra right?


This is before the time of Kendra fake-tit land, and we get to see Kendra’s pussy, her sucking dick, her riding dick (hardcore up close pussy shots here), and in general just getting fucked.  This tape is worth checking out, enjoy the preview above!

Kendra’s Pics During Playboy Mansion Days With Hef


Some Of Kendra’s Hottest Moments

Kendra Wilkinson Beautiful



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