Karissa Shannon Superstar
With Sam Jones III

Of course, one of Hugh Hefner's blond twins was going to make a sex tape eventually! The Girls Next door star and former playmate Karissa Shannon made a raunchy nsfw video tape with her boyfriend Sam Jones III after the reality show ended.

Sam Jones III and Karissa Shannon topless in bed
Still image from the tape!

And you can watch the entire thing down below…

She a 100% freak in the sheets, with Sam giving it to her hard in every position you can image.  Her beautiful shaved wet pussy is on full display as Jones slides his big black cock in her tight little twat.  She's quite good at sucking dick, too.  Karissa is one kind of Superstar, that's for sure!

Watch Karissa Shannon's Superstar Sex Tape

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The Story Behind Karissa Shannon Superstar

The video was a big hit for a time, but still didn't surpass Kim Kardashian's recorded adventure with Ray J. We wonder how Hugh feels about his ex-gf now… he must be pissed he didn't make a tape with the twins when he had the chance. Damn. Oh well, he's got a bunch of hot little Playboy bunnies around.

Karissa Shannon blowjob screencap
Karissa Shannon giving Sam Jones III a sloppy blowjob

Karissa Shannon pussy The tape was sold to Vivid Entertainment and at the time they anticipated it to be one of the their best sellers ever, but it wasn't as popular as they hoped. It didn't live up to the hype, although it's still a fun one to watch. Maybe the marketing wasn't as big as Kim K's.

Poor Sam Jones, he probably thought he was going to be the next Ray J.

Check out our awesome photo collection of Karissa Shannon below.

Karissa Shannon Sexy Pics

Karissa Shannon BDSM chain collar

Recently, the Shannon twins were asked to testify in the Blac Chyna – Rob Kardashian custody case.  Blac Chyna (was) a Kardashian family friend, until her explosive split with Rob and the ensuing battle began.

In a fit of rage, Rob actually posted nude photos of Blac Chyna, and not long after, Chyna seemingly retaliated with a leaked tape of herself blowing her new boyfriend.  Ouch!

The sisters are known friends with Rob Kardashian, and were asked to testify after they were quoted saying Blac Chyna,

“uses drugs and parties hard”

No doubt she does!

  • Karissa Shannon is a former Playboy model and (now) porn actress with a twin, Kristina Shannon.
  • Both playmates appeared on the hit E! television show Girls Next Door.
  • The Shannon twins went to high school in Florida, and thereafter moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting careers. They were cast in the film Somewhere, directed by Sophia Coppola.
  • Karissa appeared on Girls Next Door with another playmate with a sex tape, Kendra Wilkinson.
  • Holly Madison was also on the show with her. Both sisters slept with Hugh Hefner, but were later quoted as saying the relationship was mostly for attention.

Kristina & Karissa Shannon Playboy Nudes

Kristina Shannon & Karissa Shannon Playboy bare butts

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Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Karissa Shannon & Her Hot Twin Kristina

Karissa Shannon & Kristina Shannon topless



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