Karissa Shannon & Sam Jones Sex Tape

Karissa Shannon

Of course, one of Hugh Hefner’s blondie twins was going to make a sex tape eventually! The Girls Next door star Karissa Shannon made a raunchy and hot video with her boyfriend Sam Jones after the reality show ended.


Image from the tape!

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Tape Details

The video was a big hit for a time, but still didn’t surpass Kim Kardashian’s recorded adventure with Ray J. We wonder how Hugh feels about his ex-gf now… he must be pissed he didn’t make a tape with the twins when he had the chance. Damn. Oh well, he’s got a bunch of hot little playboy bunnies around.

The tape was sold to Vivid Entertainment and at the time they anticipated it to be one of the their best sellers ever, but it wasn’t as popular as they hoped. It didn’t live up to the hype, although it’s still a fun one to watch. Maybe the marketing wasn’t as big as Kim K’s.

Poor Sam Jones, he probably thought he was going to be the next Ray J.

Check out our awesome photo collection of Karissa Shannon below.

Karissa Shannon Sexy Pics



Shannon Twins With Hugh Hef


Karissa Shannon With Her Hot Twin Kristina




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