Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande isn't the “good girl” she portrays to be in her music videos and TV appearances. This girl has a naughty side and her alleged sex tape scandal with her ex boyfriend Big Sean has shed a light on that.

There have been numerous reports that some adult industry company has their dirty paws on the former couple's hot video and are just waiting on the perfect moment to release it.

Ariana Grande leaked

Rumors About The Tape:

Although Ariana hasn't commented on the reports, Big Sean has had no issue letting the world know that his sexual chemistry with the sexy petite sex symbol is very intense! He doesn't shut his mouth about it, even now that they are no longer together. Everyone thinks that he convinced the hot little mama to do a tape together and because she was so in love she went ahead with the idea. He even has said on social media, “I give her that D…. #Detroit”, but we all know what he meant by that!

Ariana Grande kissy face

Now that the couple is no more, it has all of her worried fans wondering if she regrets getting so close to Big Sean and letting him take control of the relationship in the sexual department. So far, it seems the beauty is handling this scandal pretty damn well, along with the nudes that were leaked all over the web.

Ariana Grande Sex Tape LEAKED


Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Ariana Grande Leaks

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    1. She’s actually American, but yes she’s of Italian descent. Americans are too ignorant to know that Spanish and Italian are both European languages that descend from Latin (ie. Romanian and French). Grande is an Italian word with the same Spanish meaning. When you order a grande coffee at Starbucks, you’re ordering in Italian.

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