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Rihanna: Face Down, Ass Up

Currently, the damn sexy Rihanna is only 30 and the way it seems, it looks like she just began. Fame sometimes has its demerits. As a star, Rihanna has had scandals severally and social media as wild as it gets, information on this platform spreads fast. It was alleged that there was a homemade Rihanna sex tape with rapper J. Cole.

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It is rumored that a representative of one of the adult film empires, Hustler, claimed to have had a copy of the sex tape but did not know what to do with it just yet…

Rihanna is definitely a naughty girl and has no problem showing off her bomb body through nude photos on the web. The leaked tape has also been leaked on the internet and it has been making Rihanna's fanz go nuts! Of course, seeing this curvy woman in aciton would blow anyone's mind!

Rihanna Sex Tape LEAKED


Who Is Rihanna?

Riri, as her fans know her, has beaten all odds into becoming one of the most popular and sort for RnB artist on earth and to some, she is an Idol.

Rihanna sex tape
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Rihanna, born on February 20, 1988, became famous at an early age but despite the early fame, she admits that she had to work hard to get where she is. Her childhood was not as smooth as one would like to imagine. It was filled with physical abuse, pain, drug abuse, illness, and poverty. However, her life would turn around when at the age of 16, her audition would result into Jay Z taking note of the young girl called Robyn Rihanna Fenton.

At the age of 15, Rihanna won her high school beauty pageant after performing Mariah Carey’s ‘hero’. It was after this stunning performance and victory that she met an American producer named Evan Rogers during one of the auditions organized by the Rogers. The producer did not take long before realizing the talent in the young girl. They immediately recorded a Demo that was distributed across the various studios to get her signed.

Luckily for her, one of her Demos landed on the hands of Jay Z, who was at the time the president of Def Jam. At that young age, she was summoned by the king of hip-hop for an audition and when she performed, Jay Z signed her in just one day!

Since then, Rihanna has gone ahead and won about 8 Grammy awards and received recognition for being the first female to have at least 4 No. 1songs on the Billboard in just one year. Rihanna has not only been in the limelight for her music career only. She has ventured into other fields such as acting and doing voice overs for animated characters in animation films such as “HOME” where she does the voice of the lead character Gratuity Tucci, alias Tip.

One of the major scandals Rihanna has had was with fellow RnB artist Chris Brown (Breezy). Riri revealed in her “20/20” interview, to have had an abusive relationship with breezy periodically. After their breakup, she promised herself never to date a man like her dad who would hit her mom in her presence. After this pledge, rumor has it that she made up with the ‘forever’ artist, but she was hurt again. The two had been involved in an on and off relationship for some time, but finally breezy came out and confirmed that they had broken up for good this time. Last year, Rihanna was involved in yet another scandal at the white house gates where she bossed her way in and alleged to have been rude by ordering the chief of staff to let her in. All in all, Rihanna is one handful of a celebrity, and she continues to aim higher.

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Rihanna Nudes


Rihanna continues to be a leading sex symbol, we are excited to see what she will bring us next!


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