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Leaked NSFW Video

Yes, the reports are true and have been confirmed by the cougar herself – Kris Jenner indeed has a sex tape.

No wonder she's totally cool with Kim having naughty videos as well! It all makes sense now.

Kris Jenner boobs in bikini

The mother of seven came out to the public and confirmed allegations that she indeed made some frisky videos back in the day.

According to reports, she made one with her ex-husband Robert Kardashian, and also with her most recent ex, Bruce Jenner. I guess these Hollywood folks love to experiment in the bedroom.

Kris Jenner nsfw nudes

Kris Jenner Nude Pics & Leaked Sex Tape

The rumors came about when a picture of Kris in early 80's surfaced of her head possibly sucking some dude's cock. Not much later she was asked if she might have a tape and she confirmed the reports that she has several.

Kris Jenner legs spread nsfw



Kris & Robert Kardashian Family Photos

After a few media sources investigated these claims made by the cougar herself, they came to the conclusion that she indeed has several. She has a very short one with Robert that is supposedly horrible quality and doesn't last very long. She also has one with Bruce Jenner – although reports claim she looks fucking hot, they also said Bruce isn't very talented in the bedroom.

The most steamiest allegation is the tape she made with the former soccer player Todd Waterman. This is the man that Kris had a scandalous affair with while she was married to Mr. Kardashian.

Kris Jenner with Todd Waterman Affair
Kris Jenner with Todd Waterman Affair

In her autobiography she revealed the juicy details of the affair behind Rob's back. Todd is a pretty good looking man and Kris Jenner was younger then so we can imagine it must be a pretty damn good show! Kris is one hot GILF now, but her younger self could definitely could compete with Kim's curves.

Who knows if the she really does have one or if this is all a media scam to get more attention for her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. You have to give it to them, they are pretty damn good at creating attention for their brand and coming up with schemes to boost their ratings – even if it has to be a white little lie about a video from their past.

Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble Naughty Video

Corey Gamble kissing on his cougar Kris Jenner!
Corey Gamble kissing on his cougar Kris Jenner!

As always, drama is always following the Kardashian squad and this time there is word that the 60 plus year old mom might be thinking about making a fun little tape with her younger boy toy, Corey Gamble. So far, we looked into those accusations and they are false.

Lots of people are wondering though if Corey will try and convince Kris to make a raunchy video with him too! From her history it seems that it is not a far-fetched question to ask. There's no doubt that Corey isn't dreaming about pulling a Ray J and making a sex tape with a Kardashian for millions.

Only the future will tell if she's down to do her thang at this age.

People were even questioning his intentions with the older milf, but it seems that it actually might be the real deal and not some scam for the shows. There are also rumors that they might get engaged, which would make this the third wedding for Ms. Jenner.

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Kris Jenner & Daughter Kim Kardashian Over The Years

The self-proclaimed “momager” and Kim Kardashian on the red carpet. These two have undoubtedly been a great team together through the years. Kim still takes a lot of wisdom and direction from her mom in making her business decisions. They are a dynamite duo!

Check out their photos together through the years.

Kris Jenner & Daughter Kim Kardashian Red Carpet Look
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