Nikki Mudarris
Sex Tape with Mally Mall

nikki-mudarris-4 A Nikki Mudarris sex tape has been confirmed to be authentic and real, folks! The sexy star of the reality TV show Love And Hip Hop is now one of the hottest celebrity women with a naughty little adult film, and we are all so thrilled! The girl is most definitely one of the most sexiest women in the tabloids lately and people everywhere cannot seem to get enough of the curvacious beauty.

She is famous not only for her looks, but obviously for being herself in the hit tv show and having a drama filled relationship with Mally. Mally is the lucky bastard who made the tape with her and she even tweeted about the scandal herself proving the sex tape to be true. She advises to never sleep with your enemy and that they will do “whatever to hurt you”. Damn, the girl is acting like she didn't purposely leak the video to the media – to be expected though, everyone “caught” with a sex tape is always mad about it at first…

Although Ms. Mudarris claims the video is absolutely true, she claims she had no idea she is being filmed during the process. Does she really think she can convince us she didn't know?! Everyone who has seen the raunchy tape is sketched about by that claim because she is seen looking straight into the camera when she is getting pounded by Mally. Hmmm…

Anyway, the video is a damn good show and they do all the porno moves everyone dreams of doing with that sexy ass body. Nikki truly works it out and shows us what the woman is made of – she's truly a pleasant site to see and gets the imagination going. One of the best sex tapes we have seen so far – no doubt!

Nikki Mudarris Sex Tape With Mally Mall

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Bonus Photos of Nikki

Keep an eye on this one, she's bound to go big!

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