Now this is some toast I'd like to spread.

Pretty much the only way you may have heard of Toastee, or Jennifer Toof, is if you got down with some VH1 trash TV.  Toastee received her ridiculous nick name from Flava Flav in the hit show Flavor of Love, but she's also been in a few others, including Charm School and I Love Money.

In a recent “ask me anything” interview with Ms. Toof, she admits her goal was “never to become famous”.  Yeah, right!  She definitely made a sex tape back in 2009, and sold the rights to Vivid Entertainment, the same guys that put out Kim K's tape in 2007!  It would be interesting to hear what she thinks about the load of cum she swallowed during the filming of Toastee Exposed… she certainly looks hungry for more!

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

A Clip From Toastee Exposed

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