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Hannah Montana, is that you?

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At one time celebrities were mortified if one of their private sex tapes were somehow “leaked” or “released”. However, as of recently, as in the last decade, sex tapes have been able to vault careers and bring fame, notoriety and wealth.

pussy slip in concert Your favorite singer or actress might have a “leaked” sex tape. There is always some little birdy claiming that this celeb has a tape, and that celebrity has one too, but you never know.

Miley Cyrus is the daughter of Country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus. She was thrown into the spot light with the hit Disney TV show Hannah Montana.

Since, the TV series ended and Miley has come of age, she has been the queen of shock and awe. The only question is does she really have a sex tape? Duh!

The news of a leaked Miley Cyrus homemade porno first broke on Twitter from a website that claims that the video is authentic and indeed out there. As rumors has it, the video is of Miley and and unnamed man doing the dirty dirty.

Leaked Miley Cyrus Porn Video


Leaked Miley porn video stills
Screen captures from the video

Subsequently, more and more sites have been reporting that there's a sex tape out there, and now we've seen it. It was a long time rumor, but with Miley's crazy antics on-stage, are you really surprised she this “sexually liberated”?

Miley Cyrus BJ?
Is that a gloryhole?

One rumor went as far as to claim that Billy Ray Cyrus was in the room when the video was being filmed “watching his daughter perform”. I am not sure about this one, but hey rumors have some truths in them, right?

camel toe
What a great camel toe.

Miley or her camp has not yet acknowledged or commented on the rumors, but this is not the first time the 18 year old singer/actress has had a leaked sex tape either. A few years ago just after her 18th birthday rumors of a tape surfaced. It is not completely unbelievable that she would make one!

Miley seems to be very comfortable being naked, as you can see in the gallery below:

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Naked Photo Gallery of Miley Cyrus

Recently, it has been reported that Miley Cyrus and her 21 year old actor and model boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger have been taping themselves in the bedroom.

When questioned about the alleged sex tapes the coupled admitted that they have made their own videos, but they delete them after they finish watching them.

Miley Cyrus legs open wide

Miley also admitted to taking pictures during sex as well, and she conveniently has deleted all those pictures as well. One source stated,

It's very animalistic and wild between them. They just met up and spent a few hours going at it…It is very physical.

Filming hot sex in the bedroom is not the only thing the couple may be in to doing. It is rumored that the films also include the couple getting matching tattoos in the naughtiest of places.

Wow, it seems like that tape could be very entertaining and some must see video. You never know these days!

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