Tila Tequila
Lesbian & Backdoor Anal Sex Tape

Crazy? Check. Horny nympho? Check. Perfect combination for not one, but two super hardcore sex tapes from the oh so sexy petite slut Tila Tequila.

Tila Tequila blowjob
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Tila Tequila Lesbian Sex Tape

Singapore-born French-Vietnamese beauty Tila Tequila turned heads at an early age but it wasn’t until she was featured by Playboy that she really made a splash.  She later got offered a spot on MTV’s A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila that featured some bisexual dating which really got people turned on – that’s when we first started paying attention to this tight little Asian nympho.

She became a bit of an advocate for gay rights too when she got into a political debate with the Christian right over gay rights, too.  She’s even been in a couple bands, making songs with titles like “I Fucked the DJ.”  I bet you did!

Tila Tequila cum in mouth
Like a true porn star, Tila loves a hot load on her tongue

Clearly there’s some strong hints that she’s a lesbian at least on a part-time basis because in her philandering around LA she eventually hooked up with porn stars Kristina Rose and Charlie Laine.  Tila Tequila's public angst and even her subsequent attempted suicide do tend to lead us to believe that it was the real deal… making the film one of the few new sex tapes that isn’t just contrived bullshit by some fame-hungry ho.

The tape itself is great if you’re into lesbian action.  She just goes to town on the other two ladies and her ample tits are great.  Probably the best part is just seeing how into it she is and the angles are pretty good too.  Definitely worth checking out!

Tila Tequila NSFW lesbian video


Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Tila Tequila Second Sex Tape

“Tila Back Doored & Squirting”

In early 2014, Tila decided to release another sex tape, and this time it features a nice hard cock up her little ass!  This one is nothing but the most hardcore – Tila should have been a pornstar first!  There are some great hardcore shots of her ass and pussy getting completely decimated and she screams for more… see for yourself in the clip below!

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