Karrine Steffans (Superhead)

Karrine Steffans, also known as “Superhead” and the hip hop world's most notorious groupie was all over the news for her erotic sex tape that was leaked! Was it really leaked though or did she just want a paycheck for making an amateur film?! There are a lot of women trying to get to stardom this sneaky and naughty way.

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Details on the Superhead Sex Tape:

Karrine has the time of her life in her sex tape with the popular Mr. Marcus. They do it outside, on lawn chairs, on the grass; then they bring it inside for more hardcore things the neighbors shouldn't witness.

This video-vixen knows how to take a big black cock – she deep throats it passionately in a lot of the scenes. Of course she's good at sucking dick, she has had a lot of practice being hip hop's biggest groupie! She takes after her nickname very well.

This honey has been seen with Jay-Z, Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne.

Watch The Video Here:

Images From The Tape:

Karrine Steffan's Sexy Instagram Pics And More:



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  • Russell Talley

    Still sexy as fuck Martine Steffans. I’ll still fuck her😁😁😁😁


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