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Sex Tape

The model and famous “it girl”, Kendall Jenner, has been rumored to have her own secret sex video and the mystery man in the adult rated film is rumored to be Julian Brooks who is an athlete at the University of Nevada.

The video in question is recorded on a cellphone and is about 15 minutes long while a section of it has Kenny blowing Julian with enthusiasm – which is a surprise to most because she's the most classy and calm out of her famous sistas.

Kendall Jenner Naughty Video Tape


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Details About The Alleged Tape:

Kenny and were dating for about a couple while she was still in her teens, but then Jenner dumped his ass for cheating on her with college sluts. It seems that Kendall has moved on to Harry Styles though, and doesn't seem to be fretting about her young love anymore. She has been trying to keep the vid out of the limelight though and doing everything she can to get it out of the media's hands. This video is probably only streaming in the dark depths of the web.

In other Jenner news, the beauty queen has had leaked nudes of herself exposed recently. I mean, the girl is known on instagram to take some pretty scandalous photos showing off her model body, but these ones go overboard and even suggest they are snapshots of when she was getting down with Mr. Brooks.

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Sexy Kendall Jenner Pics:




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