Backdoor to Chyna Sex Tape

There's going to China, and there's going to Chyna.  Backdoor to Chyna should be first on the list.

You're probably familiar with Chyna as the wrestler; maybe all of that testosterone made her sex crazed and ready to fuck on camera?  Vivid Entertainment picked up the Chyna sex tape, and it does not let the viewer down.  We're talking lesbian three-ways, anal, and MFM action that will make you question whether she squeezed some dick off with that rock hard booty.

The WWF named Chyna the Ninth Wonder of the World, and is the only woman we know of to compete with men.  She has made appearances on TV and in a few movies, but also in Playboy.  The whole sex tape originated with Sean Waltman, and has been called 1 Night in Chyna.  Don't miss seeing this broad fuck some dudes – it looks like she loves every minute of it!

Backdoor to Chyna Sex Tape

Details About The Tape


Chyna's performance in this video was anything but boring. At the tender age of 40 years young, the former WWF wrestler shows us what true adult films are made of. This bodacious woman does it all – even from behind, hence the “Backdoor” title. She shows us all of her dirty talents and doesn't play coy at all. She gets right to it with her co-stars, which include men and women alike. Chyna is that muscular fit girl you've always wanted to fuck!

Unfortunately Chyna passed on April 2016, but her legend lives on. You can read more about what happened to Chyna on

Vivid Entertainment was the adult company who produced the exciting flick and they did a fantastic job at it.

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Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Chyna's Sexiest Pics:

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