Mackenzie McKee
Vivid Makes Offer on Sex Tape

Mackenzie meeting with Steve Hirsch… “you're gonna be famous!!!”

Despite the fact that sex tapes are all range right now, from Hulk Hogans leak to Courtney Stodden's release, Mackenzie McKee, the Teen Mom star is not happy about Vivid Entertainment, a Giant Porn company, for laying their hands on her very sexy tape.

Apparently, there is a tape out there that Vivid miraculously acquired of McKee having sex with a stranger. It is not clear how Vivid acquired it but since it's a porn company, and they distributed Farrah Abraham's tape (another Teen Mom).

On the other hand, McKee was very angry with Vivid for holding onto her sex tape.

In fact, she had her lawyer contact the adult company and give them a her piece of mind. Without the permission of the Teen Mom star, Vivid cannot realease the tape.

Since Mackenzie does not want it released, Vivid may not be sharing the footage any time soon. In fact, the star gave Vivid only ten days to declare their “intentions”.

Since the tape has not yet been released, nobody knows the identity of the lead man. But the girl is married to Josh McKee.

Presumably, the film is with Mackenzie's husband. Josh and Mackenzie are on good terms right now, so it's quite mysterious how Vivid got hold of the video. In fact, they celebrated their second wedding anniversary just the other day.

The sex tape drama comes immediately after Mackenzie started working with the former manager of Farrah Abraham, Gina Rodriguez. It seems she is following Farrah's footsteps. First getting a plastic surgery, and then “leaking” the sex tape.

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Many speculators feel that the move was a calculated one to stay relevant in the industry. That being said, the development is quite predictable. Most of Gina Rodriguez' clients have made or sold sex tapes to Vivid as her clients.

Although Mackenzie's lawyer made it seem as though she is absolutely against releasing the video, we all remember how Courtney Stodden was reluctant before she suddenly changed her mind and decided to release the tape.

Mackenzie has met with Vivid Entertainment a few times to discuss terms. In fact, Mackenzie and Vivid founder Steve Hirsch were photographed together outside headquarters. The whole thing smells like a staged photo op; it's not logical for them to meet outside – it's all a show!

Later on, it was later alleged that her husband had left her, because he thinks that she went to make an adult film.

Some sources say Josh even moved out of their shared family home, because he believed that she was in Hollywood shooting porn, without informing him. Mackenzie's rep denied that her client was filming anything in Los Angeles, let alone a porn movie.

The drama of the Mackenzie and this controversy is not going to end anytime soon. Hopefully they will release it soon, and we can't wait! She's a beauty and we would all like to see her get down and dirty.

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