Danielle Staub

Real Housewives of New Jersey and killer cougar Danielle Staub made a raunchy sex tape. A few years ago this 40 year old something babe was blocking another amateur film of herself from being released by her 26 year old ex lover, but it is rumored she didn’t like the way she looked in that one so she decided to make another one.

Details About The Amateur Film:

The tape is so cleverly named “Danielle Staub Raw”. The man feautured is a young looking meat head who pounds and gets dirty with Danielle at what looks like her home. It’s not the best we have seen, the camera angles are all messy (probably to appear “authentic”) and some of it is pretty grainy. Although the quality isn’t all there, it’s still enough to turn you on… if cougs are your thing, that is.

Some of her co-stars on the reality TV show were shocked she would do that when she has 4 children. There have been reports that Ms. Staub was going broke and had to keep up the appearance of living an affluent lifestyle, but didn’t want to work – therefore this naughty idea came to fruition.

Watch The Clip Below:

Danielle Staub Sexy Milf Photos:

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