Jessica Sierra

Not sure who Jessica Sierra is? Well, she was the 10th finalist for American Idol's fourth season. The singer grew some popularity at the time of the show, but then she kind of disappeared until the sex tape news reached the media.

Image from the tape!


Watch the Jessica Sierra Sex Tape

Details About The Tape:

In 2007 after she had a run-in with the law and resisted arrest, Sierra had another problem deal with. Someone was threatening to release a sex tape she made before she was famous.

She ended up cutting a deal with a major porn company and they were given the rights to release the tape.

American Idol Days:

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Update On Jessica Sierra's Life:


Everyone who knows Sierra, knows she had a difficult time transitioning back to normal life after the show ended. She was arrested twice and had a major drug problem.

Jessica was able to get the support she needed by people in the celeb business that felt bad for the former American Idol contestant. Sierra was able to get the help on the show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Pinksy.

Unfortunately, Sierra relapsed again and was arrested a second time. She was forced to do mandatory rehab for 12 months.The court-mandated program saved her life according to Dr. Pinksy.

So far, to this day, it looks like Sierra is doing much better now.

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