Shauna Sand

If you were born before the mid-90's, you will probably recognize this busty blond, Shauna Sand.  She started modeling early in life, and was the May 1996 Playmate of the Month. Now an actress, model and certified porn star, Sand has been on several television shows of late, including Charmed and Hollywood Girls.

Vivid Entertainment somehow talked her into an amazingly dirty sex tape called Shauna Exposed – watch that down below!

Who is Shauna Sand?

Well, if you're a millennial and you remember watching TV after school — you may remember Renegade, on USA.

sex tape titled Shauna Sand Exposed

Looking back, that shit was ridiculous, and pretty boy Lorenzo Lamas was the long-haired badass “with some Chuck Norris sprinkled on top”.  Guess who his wife was? Shauna Sand.


Lorenzo Lamas and Shauna Sand

Does this guy ring a bell?

Watch Shauna Sand Exposed Sex Tape


Well, he married a real classy broad… and that brings us to the Shauna Sand sex tape.

Renegade with Lorenzo Lamas
Remember the television show “Renegade”, with Lorenzo Lamas?

Playboy playmate Shauna Sand has been a ballet dancer, a jazz musician, an actress, and now, she’s got herself a sex tape too!

It’s one of the best out there these days, with her taking it from numerous angles and just loving every bit of it.  While I won’t say it’s our favorite here, she’s certainly got a certain attraction to her if you like buxom blondes with huge tits and firm asses – does she do yoga? I think she does yoga!

The tape was released unbeknownst to her and she has since had to deal with the fallout a little.  It is your standard honeymoon-type film, with her being pounded by some equally cut guy.

There’s also some sexy teasing with her and a carton of ice cream getting dribbled down between her massive cleavage.  I think it’s one of the sleazier vids seen in a long while and that is why it’s totally worth checking it out!

Shauna Sand topless photo

A few stills from the hardcore video she sold to Vivid.


Shauna Sand Playboy Playmate Photos

Shauna Sand NSFW nudes
Shauna posed fully naked for Playboy in May 1996

Check out Shauna Sand's full Playboy archive in high definition.


She had quite the rack and hairy pussy back in the 90's!

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