Shauna Sand


Who Is Shauna?

Well, if you’re a millennial and you remember watching TV after school — you may remember Renegade, on USA.  Looking back, that shit was ridiculous, and pretty boy Lorenzo Lamas was the long-haired badass “with some Chuck Norris sprinkled on top”.  Guess who his wife was? Shauna Sand.



Does this guy ring a bell?


Well, he married a real classy broad… and that brings us to the Shauna Sand sex tape.

Playboy playmate Shauna Sand has been a ballet dancer, a jazz musician, an actress, and now, she’s got herself a sex tape too!  It’s one of the best out there these days, with her taking it from numerous angles and just loving every bit of it.  While I won’t say it’s our favorite here, she’s certainly got a certain attraction to her if you like buxom blondes with huge tits and firm asses – does she do yoga? I think she does yoga!

The tape was released unbeknownst to her and she has since had to deal with the fallout a little.  It is your standard honeymoon-type film, with her being pounded by some equally cut guy.  There’s also some sexy teasing with her and a carton of ice cream getting dribbled down between her massive cleavage.  I think it’s one of the sleazier vids seen in a long while and that is why it’s totally worth checking it out!


Selected Moments from “Shauna Sand Exposed”

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