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21 Savage & Nick Cannon LEAKED

Amber Rose Sex Tape

American model, former stripper, actress, socialite, recording artist Amber Rose has been REALLY enjoying a variety of dicks. We have the first Amber Rose sex tape and the second she made with 21 Savage. Some people speculate it was made while she was a professional stripper. Both of these videos were released after she hooked up with Wiz Khalifa. In the first video, the man who resembles to Kanye West has been featured along with Amber Rose — that turned […]

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Vivid Makes Offer on Sex Tape

Mackenzie McKee

Despite the fact that sex tapes are all range right now, from Hulk Hogans leak to Courtney Stodden’s release, Mackenzie McKee, the Teen Mom star is not happy about Vivid Entertainment, a Giant Porn company, for laying their hands on her very sexy tape. Apparently, there is a tape out there that Vivid miraculously acquired of McKee having sex with a stranger. It is not clear how Vivid acquired it but since it’s a porn company, and they distributed Farrah […]

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The Fappening Leak

Jennifer Lawrence Sex Tape

Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photographs leaked online on August 31, 2014 by a hacker who got access to her iCloud account. The leak was called The Fappening, and many celebrities were victims.  The leak was simultaneous with other female celebrities prompting an FBI investigation and condemnation as an invasion of women’s privacy and a form of sexual violation across the globe. LEAKED: Jennifer Lawrence Sex Tape The leak of photographs was also followed by short private videos of a Ms. Lawrence, […]

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Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta

Mimi Faust Sex Tape

Now released! Apparently Mimi Faust wants to show off her porn skills. The Love & Hip Hop star decided to sell her super raunchy video to Vivid Entertainment, the company behind several popular leaked celebrity sex tapes like Kim Kardashian Superstar and Pamela Anderson’s original claim to fame. Nikko London and Mimi Faust’s sex tape has been getting more popular as they days progress, and the couple is loving the attention! Mimi & Nikko Full Sex Tape   After […]

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Back Door Teen Mom & Farrah 2: Backdoor

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

Originally a cheerleader, and later an MTV star on the hit show Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham has raised a few eyebrows yet again.  This time she’s taking on the famous monster dick James Deen, and not only in her pussy.  Vivid bought the sex tape right up, and has called it Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.  We’re pretty sure that means Farrah has been taking some hard cock up her ass.  Anal sex on a celebrity sex tape, that’s something! […]

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Kim K Superstar Porn

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

You know who Kim Kardashian is.  Everyone does these days.  But where did she really get her start?  Some people know, but not all. If you haven’t seen the Kim Kardashian sex tape, today is your lucky day. She was friends with Paris Hilton, and that says enough.  But her real celebrity exploded when her sex tape, Kim K Superstar, hit the web in 2007.  It has become the best selling sex tape of all time (Kim earned 4.5 million […]

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Exposed Sex Tape

Kendra Wilkinson

You’re probably familiar with Kendra Wilkinson after her stint as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend, her Playboy appearances, the reality television show documenting her relationship with Hefner (along with Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt). All of the attention on the E! channel made her celebrity really explode. Her obnoxious dumb blond personality really sealed the show, and we’re not surprised she has a sex tape now! After Hefner peace-d out on the relationship, Kendra married NFL football man Hank Baskett. The two […]

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Full Blowjob Video Leaked

Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape

A month doesn’t go by without hearing about Lindsay Lohan in the news.  She is either driving drunk, doing drugs, stealing diamonds from jewellery stores, in court, or getting herself out of jail! Ever since seeing Linsday flaunt her ginger titties in the movie Mean Girls, I can’t get enough of her.  Anyway, to the point:  the Lindsay Lohan sex tape.  Looks like there were some videos shopped around to the usual buyers for hefty prices and someone picked them […]

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Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

Anyone that has seen Nicki Minaj’s big booty on stage while she is throwing out those sick rhymes has also though about bending that meat balloon over and giving it a good pump or three.  Nicki has turned into one of the most iconic female rappers in the last decade.  She has performed with all of the major stars, and now even has a single with Justin Beiber himself! This beauty has hit after hit – there is no stopping […]

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Tulisa Blowjob Tape Leaked (Full Length)

Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa is a pretty sexy Greek lady… she doesn’t really seem to know how to suck cock, but at least she licks the tip? Check out this video of Tulisa sucking dick over at the Tulisa sex tape website.  Who is Tulisa? Tula Paulinea Contostavlos is an English songwriter, singer, actress and media personality. She is most recognized for being a member of the obsolete hip-hop group N-Dubz together with her cousin Dappy and Fazer, their friend. The group had […]

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Michelle McGee

Michelle Mcgee is responsible for breaking up “America’s Sweetheart”, Sandra Bullock, with her ex-husband Jesse James.  It seems she’s a bit of a cock-goblin, but that’s hardly surprising if you see her – the tattoos are just oozing sensuality.  With her huge tits and round ass, and the sense that you’re probably going to be getting the ride of your life with her, I can’t say I really blame Jesse James for going for her – he probably just should […]

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Caught on Tape!

Amy Fisher

You may or may not remember Amy Fisher from back in the day.  The year was 1992, and Joey Buttafuoco was all over the media. The pair met in his auto repair shop… pretty ridiculous. Joey must have really taught her how to work the dick, judging from her performance in Amy Fisher Caught on Tape!   As soon as the story hit the media, everyone knew who Amy Fisher was. Amy Fisher’s Leaked Sex Tape Watch her famous video […]

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Leaked Porn Video & Nude Pics

Leighton Meester

A few years ago, a scandal hit the web with Leighton Meester at it’s center. The infamous sex tape. According to several sources online, including entertainment company TMZ, Meester fought tooth and nail to have it removed from the internet forever, but we all know that’s nearly impossible to do these days. Once something has been published to the web, it will always be there. Leighton Meester Leaked Porn Video The story goes that someone in her past (probably an […]

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Most people know Nikki Alexander from Flavor of Love, where the famous Flavor Flav deemed her Hoopz.  There is no doubt she is all woman with that body, and after winning the first season, she launched herself into household vocabulary (well, younger households maybe). After the show she got to work…. making a sex tape. Although she claims it was “leaked” from her past, we don’t know the truth. We may never know. Watch The Preview Here Details About The […]

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Montana Exposed & Hardcore Backdoor Sex Tapes

Montana Fishburne

Following in the foot steps of the super successful Kim K sex tape, Montana has a sex tape of her very own now.  The daughter of A-list celebrity, Laurence Fishburne (yes, Morpheus from The Matrix), made a choice to persue her porn career, probably hoping it would jumpstart an entertainment career.  Time will tell if that worked, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Anyways, let’s get to it: there’s a little bit of all the good stuff in this sex […]

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Backdoor to Chyna Sex Tape


There’s going to China, and there’s going to Chyna.  Backdoor to Chyna should be first on the list. You’re probably familiar with Chyna as the wrestler; maybe all of that testosterone made her sex crazed and ready to fuck on camera?  Vivid Entertainment picked up the Chyna sex tape, and it does not let the viewer down.  We’re talking lesbian three-ways, anal, and MFM action that will make you question whether she squeezed some dick off with that rock hard […]

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