Kanye West’s Perfromance at Glastonbury Interrupted with a Kim K Sex Tape Flag

The issue of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape has always been kept below the carpet when Kanye is involved. The family has ignored the issue regarding Kim’s sex tape with Ray J even as analysts and fans have refused to let go of the tape that was released in 2007. However, during the Kanye West's Glastonbury Show the issue was brought right into the rapper’s presence. A festival flag was flown right into the face of Kanye as he rapped during the Glastonbury Show with the Kim K sex tape. However, Kim West may not be that enamored with that.

One of the Glastonbury festival attendee brought the raven haired star sex tape with singer Ray J in the most visible platform and that is the flag. The flag carried a picture of the socialite in her intimate moment with a printed message targeting Kanye. The goer had an intention of making Kanye aware that he had watched the tape and decided to bring it with him to the festival and wave it as high as the musician could see.

The flag red “ get down girl and get head get down” words that are viewed to have been derived from Kanye’s gold digger track. The words clearly printed were intended to pass a message to controversial rapper Kanye West. The words were viewed to defame Kim who was attending the concert with her husband. Kim is viewed in the sex tape doing nasty things to Ray J. The word are perceived to refer to Kim as any other chic giving a man a head or viewing her as a comparable subject of Kanye’s song gold digger that speaks of a woman who is all about money.

Kanye’s wife 34 year old Kim was involved in a sexual episode with her former lover who is also a musician Ray J. The tape was taken a long time ago when the celebrity was still younger but released in 2007. The tape attracted a lot of attention earning Kim a fortune when Vivid Entertainment offered to pay a lot of money for the tape.

Vivid Entertainment has since advertised the tape through various means ensuring that the tape is always in the public’s mind. Various events that denied the tape a chance to be buried in history followed the release of the tape. However, none of these events have targeted Kanye this being the first.

The event interrupted Kanye show for a while before he resumed performing. However, the flag was not the only issue that interrupted his show at Glastonbury. At some point, when Kanye was on stage, British comedian Simon Brodkin interrupted him. While Kanye was performing his “Black Skinhead” single, the comedian rushed on the stage as his character Lee Nelson was quickly ushered off stage by security guards. The comedian later tweeted

“I Kanye'd Kanye. That was for you @taylorswift13 #Leezus,”

in reference to Kanye West’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s 2009 MTV VMA acceptance speech.

The performance continued smoothly without any more interruption. However, Kanye being Kanye nobody knows what might follow or his reaction to these events. However, Kanye has kept silent over the sex tape and he is probably going to keep it that way.

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