Kylie Jenner & Tyga Engaged

Team Kyga fanz are freaking out right now after Tyga called Kylie (also known as “baby Kardashian”) his fiance! Yes, that's right, he called Ms. Jenner his fiance! That's exciting news for the Kardashian/Jenner clan. The footage of this exciting news was posted on Kylie's personal account. The reality star, who just turned 18, had her legs wrapped around Tyga's waste tightly as he was talking straight to the camera and said with no hesitation: ” I don't fuck with nobody. I fuck with nobody. It's just me, my fiance (and) this lil' dog I just got. I fuck nobody”. EEEEEEK!! Is this true?!

Planet Kyga is having a shit-show right now over the snapchat video, but in Blac Chyna world things are not as happy. According to some sources from some big magazines, Blac Chyna is extremely hurt over the thought of Tyga marrying Ms. Jenner. She is not having it! I guess the Urban model thought that she and Tyga could be together again – poor thing! Hopefully Blac will find someone else in her future soon.
We are all still wondering over here if Kylie and Tyga are going to pull the string and release their highly rumored sex tape. Kylie is 18 now so what is stopping them? Kim made millions and millions off of her tape, and there is no doubt that Kylie's could be a bigger hit! Tyga and Kylie definitely have the chemistry and we all want to see that sexy body of Kylie's doing her thang! We all know that girl isn't shy!  Just look at these naughty photos below Kylie posted on her instagram. Come on, Kylie! Show us what you're working with! Stop teasing us…

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