Is There a Nicki Minaj Sex Tape?

Now when this news first leaked, the clouds opened up and the rays from the sun beamed down. Some thought that it could not get any better than this. It had to be a hoax, a dream or even a mirage. Yet when the dust settled, the evidence showed that is was true. There must be a Nicki Minaj sex tape, sailing around on the world wide web, somewhere.

The Details About Nicki Minaj's Sex Scandal Rumors:

Though the Trinidadian Rapper remains quiet about it, there are videos and even photographs of Nicki Minaj nude. The voluptuous female apparently performed a series of sexual deeds while struggling to make it as an entertainer. She has even been quoted in saying, that she had struggled at a point in her life and during that period she may or may not have made a sex tape.

Nicki's fans do not doubt that there is in fact one, two, or even quite a few out there, judging (Although you should not) by her lyrics. The video is said to involve an older white male and Ms. Minaj performing oral and penetrative sexual actions.

According to sources, there is a sex video with her mentor, Lil Wayne. The photos were sent to Safaree Samuels, her former boyfriend by her while they were in a relationship. A person with the same account name as the ex-boyfriend uploaded nude pics of the rapper to Twitter. Samuels has come forward to deny that is was him. (Really dude?).

For the Lil Wayne sex tape, Nicki Minaj has said that Lil Wayne was a close friend of her's and they were comfortable with doing anything together. About the video however, she said she had no comment. It cannot be more obvious than that. But the 33 year old was not done there. There is another one, that websites have claimed to exist (Talk about outdoing Kim Kardarshian). This time it is alleged that the other party involved is none other than her current boyfriend/fiance, Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill.

Nicki Minaj Engaged To Rapper Meek Mill
Nicki Minaj Engaged To Rapper Meek Mill

Whatever the case, there are at least over two million persons searching the internet for this phenomenon(Easy guys, even gals, you might break the internet), and entail might be the publicity that the musical artist wants. But remember one thing, always have a tissue ready to clean up dude and dudettes.

Photos From The Alleged Tape?

Damn Nicki, show off that naked body! Click on photos to get a closer view of her fuckable body. Some speculate these could be from the video footage.

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Update On Meek Mill And Nicki Minaj:


Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj have been going strong since the summer of 2014. The couple have had lots of drama outside their relationship (with rappers like 50 cent, Drake and Wales) – sources close to them say they hardly have any in the relationship.




Meek Mill made a gushy remark about Nicki on XXL that definitely shows he is feeling some kind of way with his queen.

“I’m like, ‘I don’t really hold hands, but like, I’ll hold hands with you'. She know that. Like, I don’t really do things, but certain people make you do certain little stuff and it be like, ‘Sh*t, I don’t care'. They can catch me in the pictures doing anything nowadays, holding an umbrella for Nicki, you know what I’m saying?” – Meek Mill

In fact, even the media is always gushing about how adorable the couple is. They hardly talk about their love for one another, but they are extremely affectionate in front of the cameras (as you will see below). They even made a music video together “All Eyes On You”, featuring vocal from Chris Brown.

Check out their photos over the years below.


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