Paris Hilton Will Open Up About Her Sex Tape In Her New Documentary About Her Private Life

Paris Hilton is a modern icon, model, business woman and world-famous socialite that many people came to know through her amateur sex tape she made with Rick Salomon back in 2001.

Ms. Hilton has made some major changes since her scandalous video was exposed to the world. She will be filming a documentary about her life and hopes to show the world that she isn't the ditsy blonde everyone thinks she is.


Paris Hilton's Infamous Sex Tape:

The scenes of her naughty video have been viewed by many of her thousands of adoring fans that can't get enough of the leggy blonde beauty. It's not as popular as the Kim Kardashian's tape, but it did make lots of money at the time of the release (Kim K was Hilton's employee turned friend back in the mid-2000's).

Life After The Sex Scandal:

Paris Hilton & Her Perfume
Paris Hilton Showing Off Her Very Own Designer Perfume

Paris Hilton has been doing lots of things after her whole naughty video fiasco started losing steam. Since that point, she focused her life on traveling, was on a hit reality show called The Simple Life, became a DJ, attended music festivals all over the world, partied in the Ibiza night life continuously, hooked up with celebrities and then from time to time she would take credit for making Kim Kardashian famous (maybe that's why her and Kimmy are no longer friends).

Then one day Paris decided to grow up. The hotel heiress started focusing on her businesses – perfume lines (18 perfumes to be exact), selling her designer handbags, accessories, and clothing all over the Middle East and Asia. She also has a company called Paris Hilton Entertainment with hundreds of employees. She no longer went out and disappeared from the tabloids headlines.

Paris is now worth 2 billion dollars. She only inherited 5 million.

Pretty good for a dumb blonde.

Paris Hilton thats hot gif
Paris In The Simple Life

A quote from Paris with her interview in Dujore News.

“I was playing a character on The Simple Life, so I don’t blame people for thinking I was ditzy, people assumed that’s who I really was. Now they meet me and realize I’m completely different. But it doesn’t bother me that people thought I was dumb. Playing that character made life easier — I do have a certain amount of shyness, which I’m sure is a surprise to people. And I’ve never cared what people think about me—I know the truth. I’ve always known what I was capable of.”

Paris Hilton's New Documentary:

Paris Hilton New Life And Documentary
Paris Hilton New Life And Documentary

Now Paris wants to vindicate herself. She has announced that she is going to film a new project which will be a documentary about her own life. The idea came from the fact that she feels misunderstood by the public because of her past and her reality tv show The Simple Life that aired from 2003 to 2007. She has always had a complicated relationship with the press and media which has given her a image that isn't the authentic Paris.

The documentary will show the behind-the-scenes life of Paris as an entrepreneur and fashion icon. The film starts with Ms. Hilton at the end of summer in Ibizia (I guess she still goes there from time to time) and then makes her way back home from summer vacation.

Paris takes you through her daily activities as a super busy woman who has no time to date or go out with friends. She pretty much is a home-body living a mundane life and her only friends are her small little rat-dogs.

Many speculate she will open up about the “One Night In Paris” scandal. She will also speak bluntly about how the spotlight has changed her as a person and how she thinks she has influenced young girls all over the world.

Paris At Home For Elle Magazine
Paris At Home For Elle Magazine

The “It” girl was once upon a time huge on partying, but these days she is focused on building her brand and business. We shall see if the Paris we see in the tabloids is the same person in her private life. The doc should come out by the end of this summer, according to her agency.

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Photos Of A Young Paris Hilton:



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