The Best Kim Kardashian Sex Tape GIFs

Reality TV celebrity, social media queen, fashion designer, and global super-star Kim Kardashian has been dominating the headlines continuously for years now. The beauty queen is worth $350 million (Forbes) and the number keeps on rising. She is now the most followed person on Instagram with 44 millions followers – taking the #1 spot from Beyonce. Watch out, Bey!

Kim K mouth open
Insert Dick Here ^^

Even before dating Kanye West ( popular rapper and music producer) she was blowing up the media spotlight with her hit tv series The Kardashians. The show chronicles the luxurious life of Kim, her mother (Kris Jenner), her step-dad (Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner), and all of her siblings. It's a drama-filled show that has women worldwide gushing over Kim's style and men drooling over Kim's strikingly good looks. It’s currently on it’s 10th season and going strong with a net-worth of $101 million.The entertainment industry cannot get enough of Kim K’s bomb body and that big delicious booty she flaunts with her tight outfits.

They way Kim became famous is no ordinary story though; she went from being a closet-organizer in Hollywood to an international sex symbol over-night. She was noticed as being Paris Hilton's gorgeous brunette friend, but it was not until her scandalous “leaked” celebrity sex tape with Ray J (former lover and R&B singer) came out to the public.

The tape was an instant huge success and put Kim on the map for one of sexiest women alive. Millions of people have searched for this exclusive video online. Men have obsessed over it. It is the most popular sex tape in history.

This erotic video proves that Kim is a complete freak in the sheets – she has no problem getting down and nasty.

Below are some juicy GIFs of the provocative film:

1. Hello Kim!

2. Some tongue action to get things going.

3. Can you believe Kim can fit that giant schlong in her mouth?

4. God damn, look at that ass on Kim!

5. An even better view… deeeeeep.

6. Think Kim is scared of it?

7. Nice moves, Ray J.

8. Little close-up pussy eating, phew!

9. Finishing in her mouth, what a lucky bastard!

10. The most famous GIF you'll see… check out the tape!

Check out the tape over here >

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