The No Delete Art Show – Kate Upton Months After The Fappening

Infuriated and shaken, Kate Upton finally reached out to the anonymous hacker who claimed responsibility for leaking Kate Upton’s nude photos together with those of other stars. Upon confirming that the photos doing rounds on the internet are actually hers, Kate now joins Jennifer Lawrence and a group of stars who were affected by the actions of the hacker to what is now being termed as the biggest celebrity hack in the United States’ history.

According to Kate Upton’s attorney, the hack was an outrageous violation of Kate Upton’s privacy. He added that he and his legal defense team are now more than determined to pursue any individual or website disseminating the photos to the most extreme extent. This move was initiated just after the hunger games lead actress Jennifer Lawrence attorney had termed the incidence as a flagrant violation of the privacy of his client and anyone who had been affected by the incidence.

Widely known as The Fappening, a series of online attacks was directed towards young female celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton which in turn led to the leaking of several photos from several young female stars’ possession. The Fappening consequentially led to a series of debates where several concerns like online protection and privacy were raised.
Amidst the legal battles and talks about online privacy, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence were yet to face another big blow. From the look of things, the world was going to see more of the two stars and this time around the internet was not going to be needed. After the hacking scandal, an LA based artist XVALA had been planning to display the leaked photos at an Art gallery, the No Delete art show. The leaked photos were to be printed on a life sized canvas, while in terms of editing the photos were to be printed completely unaltered.

Fear Google campaign

XVALA is a widely recognized LA artist, who has been using the images of various celebrity since the year 2007 with his initial work being an iconic Britney Spears clean-shaven head canvas. Later on in 2007, XVALA displayed a nude photo of Scarlett Johansson but out of good faith covered her private parts with a Fear Google campaign logo. While speaking at a press conference XVALA stated categorically that people share their privacy with technology and in so doing people’s privacy becomes available to other people.

By making use of compromised celebrity images and the Fear Google initiative, the LA based artist is able to achieve his main goal which is strengthening the ongoing issues and concerns about online privacy during this digital era. XVALA further stated that his show is only just but a mirror image of who we are but at the end of it all, those who use technology eventually become the used. Up to this date, the Fappening is still one of the most talked about celebrity hacks while on the other hand more and more people are still heading online to have a glimpse of the nude photos.

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