A Tribute To Emily Ratajkowski And Her Incredible Boobies

If you haven't noticed by now, Emily Ratajkowski's boobs are all over the god damn news and no one is complaining about it! They are absolutely fantastic and her tiny model body. Those things are somehow gigantic and still extremely perky – she was blessed from the heavens above with a body of a goddess. She gives a gift to the world every single time she posts her cleavage on snapchats and social media. For that we want to thank her by posting a tribute to those titties with the outstanding pictures below.

Other than her amazing ta-tas, Emily has been spotted just doing the normal things like coffee runs with her boyfriend Jeff Magid (lucky motherfucker) and also defending Kim Kardashian in nude scandals. In fact, Kim K West even thanked her for the support by sending her flowers with a sweet message saying she really appreciated her tweets on twitter standing up for her. OMG, do you think they'll become best friends now?! Who the hell knows…

Well, enough with the bullshit, here are some of Em Rata's hottest photos showing off her cleavage, being topless, and sexy in the nude.

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Em Rata's Nude Pics:
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