Selena Looking Super Sexy In New Music Video

One of the hottest “it” girls of our generation, Selena Gomez, just released a insanely sexy new music video teaser for her song “Hands to Myself” debute. In the short clip she released of the video, Selena walks around a house in nothing but the most provocative lingerie and she looks damn fine doing so. According to some of her fanz, they think the video is hinting to masturbation and it has sent the internet on a frenzy! But how can you blame them? She looks hotter than ever, and some people think it's her way of getting back at her ex lover, Justin Beiber.

Selena Gomez black lingerie music video In other new, Justin Beiber has been making his fanz go crazy lately on his social media. For some reason, the controversial JB, keeps posting pictures of Selena and him from back in the day. Every single time he does that, his fanz go nuts and so do her's. Is he trying to send a message that he loves her still? No one will ever know, but it's pretty clear he's thinking about her and now this new music video is going to drive him nuts! She looks absolutely fantastic in it and he's not going to be able to contain himself! Justin has even admitted that a lot of his song on his new album is about Selena.

Selena, on the other hand, who is always mature and classy, hasn't shown a sign that she is suffering still about their break up that happened years ago. She is too busy touring and taking care of her career. The woman also is someone who truly cares about her fanz and being a role model. She is always keeping her personal life private, but once in awhile will share thought out feelings on social media. That's why she is so adored by people all over the world. Her fanz are known to be some of the most loyal in the celeb world.

Below are some pictures of her sexy new music video! She's a sizzling hot tiny thang – enjoy!

 Selena Gomez sexy photo

Selena Gomez butt
Selena Gomez nsfw pic
Selena Gomez hot tits

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